Thursday, March 20, 2014

Most Wanted Nail Polish!

The Muppets have re teamed with OPI for a line of nail polish tied to Muppets Most Wanted. 

There are eight different colors :

Lets Do Anything We Want!

Muppets World Tour

Miss Piggy's Big Number

I love Applause

Kermit Speak To Me

Gaining Mole-mentum

Int'l Crime Caper

Chllin' Like A Villain

And here's what they would  look like on your nails:

Each is sold separately, or can be purchased in one of three sets. 
The first set includes: Miss Piggy's Big Number, I love Applause, Kermit Me to Speak, 
and Chllin' Like a Villian

Beauty supplier Ulta has two sets available only online as well, which you can order from the links below.

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