Friday, May 30, 2014

Muppet Poster Wallpaper

UK company 1art1  has a series of large Muppet wallpaper posters. 

This one is based off the image that appeared on  throw rugs and Disney Store's resalable bag for "The Muppets."

The giant wall size poster measures a staggering 80x35 inches and can be ordered here.

This next one features another hodgepodge of stock photos. Janice & Floyd jam while Piggy sunbathes, and Kermit admires images from the Kermitage Collection all on backdrop featuring Muppets signatures.

This poster also measures 80x35 inches and can be ordered here.

This poster featuring, Zoot, Kermit, Piggy, Floyd, Janice, and Animal, on a grayed out vintage illustration of the Electric Mayhem. It measures 79x35 and can be ordered here.

This last one is truly odd. There's a excellent, widely seen, Electric Mayhem shot on a Muppet signature background, but  for some reason they added a 90's Piggy behind them for no reason, and she's way too large.  

This one is that largest of them all. Measuring 80x71 inches and can be ordered here.

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