Thursday, July 16, 2015

ABC's "the muppets" invades San Diego!

The Muppets weren't just inside the San Diego Convention Center last week. ABC's marketing team was in full force during Comic Con and took over the city of San Diego to promote the new series. 

There was a giant angled sign outside Petco Park:

How giant was it? It was almost as high as the stadium,
And according to this photo, you could see Animal a block away!

Even San Diego's transportation was Muppetized! You could ride a pedicab with
Miss Piggy,

or like Matt Wilkie and Dave Hulteen did, share a ride with Kermit and Animal.

There was even a Gonzo pedicab as well!

If you were looking for something faster then a bike, you could hop aboard a Muppet skinned train!

Or, if you prefer vertical travel, there were Kermit and Miss Piggy elevators!

I'm hoping this wall-to-wall promotion extends across the country and internationally as well  once the show's premier gets closer. Be sure to let us know if you spot a giant billboard, taxi, or bus in your neighborhood!

Thanks to Matt Wilkie, Dave Hulteen, and our friends at ToughPigs for some of the images. 

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