Friday, August 7, 2015

Jim Henson Revealed Where The Word "Muppet" Came From!

Instead of a "Throwback Thursday", we'll end this very busy week (unless some big news breaks) with a "Flashback Friday."

As you may know, last night was the first GOP debate and today we aim to end a decades long debate as to where the word "Muppet" came from.

Over the years there's been some heated discussion on just where the term "Muppet" came from, and if it had anything to do with combining the words puppet and marionette. 

With the revelation that PBS will be airing a new special about Jim Henson, another 
video surfaced this week with Jim himself answering the question. Let the record show that today the debate ends. 

I know that's a bold statement, but I think once you see the video evidence below, there's no question as to the intention. 

Back in 1974, Jim Henson appeared on Bob McAllister's show Wonderama and was straight away asked the "Where did the word Muppet come from?" I think his answer should put to rest any debate on the question once and for all. 

Check out the clip here.

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