Friday, May 6, 2016

Sesame Street Launches Sesame Studios!

Today Sesame Street launched Sesame Studios, their new Youtube channel featuring  
"original stories and songs, full of new friends, all with the same educational goodness you'd expect from Sesame Street."

No existing Muppet or human Sesame characters are featured, instead your host is Marvie - a green motion capture puppet, which Sesame describes as "your lively host and new best friend." 

Entertainment Tonight spoke with creators behind the new digital channel:
“Sesame Street was the original disrupter in kids’ media,” said Steve Youngwood, Chief Operating Officer of Sesame Workshop. “When Sesame Street began, [creator] Joan Ganz Cooney said, ‘It’s not whether kids are learning from television, but what they are learning.’ The same is true today with preschoolers and YouTube Kids. We are a creative workshop with a 45 year history of breaking new ground. Sesame Studios represents another new frontier for us; one where we can bring our educational expertise to an emerging platform for our audiences.” 
Sesame Studios will be featured on the YouTube Kids app, which has exceeded over 10 billion views in the last year. Ellen DeGeneres also recently launched a new playlist on the app to showcase her favorite Kids of YouTube, from singers to dancers to “the smartest of smarties.”

You can check out the initial videos below:

You can subscribe to their channel here to see all the new Sesame Studio goodies as new video are uploaded each week. 

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