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Muppet Stuff at NYCC 2016 Round Up!

We're still recovering from all the craziness that is New York Comic Con. This year we were able to attend three days instead of one, which made for a much more enjoyable and alos more exhausting experience. 

For a convention that didn't we didn't expect to see that Henson stuff going in, there sure was lots to see anyway!

New & Upcoming Action Figures!

There was plenty of new action figures on display including the crazy hard to get Funko NYCC Exclusive Dark Crystal Kira & Garthim set.

The Diamond Select booth had series one and two of the Muppet action figures and glasses. 

Statler and Waldorf were sold out by day 2 and Bunsen and Beaker were sold out Day 3!

They also had a look at series 3 of their Muppet action figures:

series 3 Muppet Minimates:

Upcoming Books!

Insight Editions had their upcoming book "Labyrinth The Ultimate Visual History" on sale before next week's official street date. If you were at the con Thursday, you might have been lucky enough to get it signed by Cheryl Henson!

Older Toys!

We spotted many dealers selling Funko Pop! figures, but none had this many Muppet ones!

Pretty sure these are Sesame Street jibbitz made into magnets:

Miss Piggy Vinylmation:
Fozzie Hot Wheels:

Japanese Elmo cars:

Assorted Animal and Sesame plush:

Disney Parks Statler cast pin:
Go to Bed Fred:
Muppet-Vision and Disney Store plush:

Vintage Fozzie and Grover's, Disney Store Constantine and Swedish Chef:

Sababa mini Fraggles:

Boom! Studios had a selection of their Henson comics available including the latest Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, and Storyteller graphic novels. 

They sold out of the Labyrinth Anniversary regular cover by day 2,

and only had a few copies of the variant available.

Vintage Toys!

Dark Crystal trading cards:

Child Guidance Bert and Ernie puppets at Toy Hunter Jordan Hembrough's booth:

The Muppets Take Manhattan movie program:
Official Fan Art!
The Henson Company licensed their properties to a few established artists who had their work for sale. 

Zen Monkey Studios did a great job with their word based Fraggle Shirts a few years ago, now they've expanded their Henson offerings to include Labyrinth and Dark Crystal items!

Their new Dark Crystal hoodie is fantastic. The back features this gorgeous image of the main characters:

While the front features the Dark Crystal itself - with a shard missing!!
They also have pins featuring the Labyrinth Worm and Jen, Kira, and Fizzgig:

All expect the hoodie are available on their website.

Update: The pins are now sold out!

Hero Complex Galaxy had these amazing limited edition licensed Dark Crystal and Labyrinth posters. 

Unfortunately, they aren't offered on their website, though a different Dark Crystal poster is. 

We spotted the new limited edition ''Green Is All There Is to Be'' Giclée canvas by Tim Rogerson among a bunch other expensive cels and artwork.

It looks MUCH nice in person then the pictures on Disney's website

Unofficial Fan Art!

Buzz Bunny had this painting of Kermit:

Drew Blank, whose previous Muppet offerings included a Muppet Alphabet, now has a pho-Fozzie vinyl album!

Jesse Rubenfeld had this Labyrinth print,

as well these Muppet prints. He's such a Henson fan, the back of his card even has a Muppet version of The Last Supper. 

Over in Artist's Alley, Ashleigh Popplewell had some Dark Crystal and Labyrinth prints:
As well as Labyrinth and Muppet stickers:

and Labyrinth bookmarks:

Colin Lawler expanded his Muppet prints of the Swedish Chef and Bunsen and Beaker to include Jareth and Sarah:

It was great to see that Amy Memberson and James Silvani who both worked on the Muppet comics, continue to draw Muppets in their spare time as well!

By far the craziest non-licensed Muppet item we saw was this "Muppet Masquerade" book by Ian Leino

The book features the Muppets dressed as various horror and sci-fi characters. Along with quotes from teh movie or book they're from. 

Kermit as Cthulhu:

Bobo as Sloth:
Gonzo as Ash:

Animal as Frank N. Furter

Lips as Napoleon Dynamite:
Bunsen and Walter White:

Uncle Deadly as Darkness (Legend) which makes that 2 Tim Curry characters for those keeping score at home:

Adult Skeeter as Michonne:
and Chip as Egon Spengler. 

There's plenty of other great Muppet crossovers included and I highly recommend you pick up a copy. Unfortunately, it's not available on his website. 


In addition to James Silvani, Amy Memberson, David Peterson, and Jay Fosgitt signing our Muppet and Sesame comics,

Cory Godbey was kind enough to sign copies of the Labyrinth comics as well. 

We spotted Frank Oz's autograph was for sale:

And while technically not a Muppet, we met Mark Dodson who provided the voice for Salacious Crumb in Return of the Jedi and most of the voices for various Gremlins!

Over the course of our 3Days at NYCC we only spotted two Henson cosplayers. One Super Grover and one Jareth. Neither of which we could get a good photo of before they disappeared into the crowd. 

Elsewhere in NYC:

As in past years, we also like to show you our Muppet related finds outside the confines of the Javits Center. With both FAO Schwarz and Toys R Us' flagship locations closed. We ventured to other locations around the city.

Forbidden Planet
Had the first series of Diamond's Muppet action figures as well as these Muppet Keychains, 

and a Labyrinth shirt:

MidTown Comics:

Series 1 and 2 of Diamonds Muppet action figures (Minus Animal and Statler and Waldorf), a few of the Muppet Minimates, The Muppet Show logo glasses, Muppet Show Comic Omnibus, Labyrinth 30th Anniversary comic, and the Grand Jester Kermit bust:
Disney Store

Disney had the just released Muppet Tsum Tsum mini collection, but surprisingly not the medium sized versions.


Yes that Nintendo. At Nintendo's Official Store in Rockefeller plaza we spotted the actual Henson puppets used last year for Nintendo's Star Fox video!!

We even spotted this ad on the subway that featured an owl that looks suspiciously like the Goblin King!

Fans & Friends!

In addition running into Craig Shemin at Jay Fosgitt's booth we got to sit a spell and talk with Chris Smig! 

At the end of three days, we picked up many new items for the Muppet Stuff museum including original artwork and prints by James Silvani, Amy Memberson, Colin Lawler, Ashleigh Popplewell, Ian Leino's "Muppet Masquerade" book, and some of the great new offerings from Zen Monkey Studios.

 Phew! Seeya next year NYCC!

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  1. Thank you for this roundup. I didn't see 98% of this stuff, as NYCC is SO huge and I'm not a seasoned attendee who goes every year. Probably glad I didn't though, as I would have spent even MORE money than I already did. I did see the Zen Monkey Studios booth and bought the Bowie and Should You Need Us shirt, as well as a copy of Jim Henson's Tales of Sand at the Boom Studios booth. I saw one guy dressed as Super Grover 2.0 and that was it for the cosplayers. Still had a blast, though! And I had that Ernie with the plastic horse/cowboy set (forgot i had it until I saw the photo! lol)