Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Muppet Stuff at NYCC 2021!

After a year absence New York Comic Con once again returned to the Javits Center. I scoped out the show Thursday to once again find as much Muppet stuff scattered throughout the Con as could. 

There where MUCH less attendees the day I was there  then in the past which made the whole experience easier to get around and much more pleasant. 

Let's start in Artists Ally:

Monikanimated had these great Kermit and Rizzo illustrations:

Jen Taylor and Mark Bodnar had this Kermit and Miss Piggy print recreating the finale from The Muppets:

and our friend Jay Fosgitt was there selling prints of his Dark Crystal and Labyrinth illustrations, doing commissions and just generally being awesome. 


Upstairs on the main show floor we found a few other artists as well....

Including YouFoundJacob, who had both this Kermit for King pin and a swamp creature Kermit print. 

Sew Tired: Creations by Kristyna and Shawn had this illustrated Labyrinth worm coaster,  

and some very Muppet like puppets:

Jason Edmiston had prints of his eye series, 

as well a a Fizzgig print. 

JellyKoe! had prints of Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors:

Friend of the blog Dave Perillo had a selection of his alphabet series for sale including a L is for Ludo from Labyrinth print. 

He also managed to score one of Jason Edmiston's Big Bird eyes print:

A few booths had both official and unofficial Labyrinth stuff:

Speaking of "unofficial" items there was plenty of bootleg items to be found including magnets: 

and patches:

But there was a fair amount of officially licensed merchandise as well including Diamond Select Toys, who had the new "Best of" The Muppets action figure line for sale:

As well as their Deformz blind box line featuring Kermit:

They were also showing of their long awaited Sam and Rizzo action Figures. 

Throughout the floor we saw pins of Dark Crystal:

and even Henson performer Allan Trautman as the Tarman zombie!

Speaking of pins there was a whole booth a Disney park pins including a few featuring the Muppets:

A few booths had Henson Funko Pops!

Diamonds' Muppet action figures:

and Medicom's Miss Piggy Ultra Detail figure:

and Gentle Giant's Animal bust: 

There was plenty of brand new items for sale including this Kaboom! comic exclusive Dark Crystal black light poster:

The Sesame Street Funko Pop! pins: 

Little Shop of Pins had a booth with their exclusive Henson pins:

There was also a few booth of Henson clothing, one had a ton of socks and shirts, both official and unofficial: 

Stylin' Online had these official Kermit and Elmo hats:

Muppets shirts featuring Pigs in Space and Statler and Waldorf:

A few Sesame Street shirts:

and a Goblin King Labyrinth shirt:

There weren't a whole lot of booths featuring vintage items this year but I did spot these Sesame Street animation cells. Not sure what they were from, but cool to see. 

There was one booth however that had PLENTY of vintage Henson items run by my friend Mark who had these classic Big bird items including a Big Bird Beater signed by Carroll Spinney:

Sesame finger puppets both - US and International versions: 

Vintage Sesame puppets, 

whose box art is filled with great little details:

Like Roosevelt Franklin hiding behind Oscar:

and Bert seemingly annoyed that is stuck playing with a toy of himself:

We even spotted a few Henson cosplayers including these group who went as Bert, Ernie and Miss Piggy:

Ebay had a both this year stocked with items you could bid on and take home at the show, 

so naturally I changed on of the tablets to show vintage Muppet stuff:

We also ran into fellow Muppet fan Matthew Soberman: 

and Sesame Street's Creative Director of Character Design Luis Henry Mitchell!

Well that's it for New York Comic Con 2021.

 I'm sure there was even more I missed, but gotta save some finds for another year. 

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