Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Muppet Treasure Island Happy Meal

For this week's Throwback Thursday we look at 1996's Muppet Treasure Island McDonald's Happy Meal bath toys.

MickeyD's released a different character  each week in some sort of flotation devise, Kermit in an armed ship with a very holy sail, Gonzo in a pink(?) raft with green(?) barrels, Miss Piggy in Green lounge chair, and Fozzie in a blue barrel. 

Each toy also had some sort of hidden trick. Kermit's cannon could squirt water, pressing the gold coins Gonzo had would propel his raft with using a hidden paddle wheel underneath, Fozzie's head moved up and down to play hide an seek in his barrel, and Miss Piggy's skirt changed color in warm water.

There was also an under three toy that consisted of a plastic book, because what toddler doesn't enjoy a good read while bathing. 

As with most McDonals's toys, each restaurant had a display advertising the toys and the Muppet Treasure Island Happy Meal was no different. The display featured Kermit, Fozzie,and Gonzo in a small raft on their way to to find the treasure running over the Happy Meal toys which someone (Mr. Bimbo perhaps?) carelessly threw over bored.

Judging on how many of these toys I spot at thrift stores, flee markets and yard sales, I'd say these sold pretty well, but sadly didn't keep their play value once tub time was over. 

You can watch the original ad, and sail set for bath tub fun below!

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