Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: NECA Skeksis Action Figure

The evil Skeksis made a grand return this week on Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge. 

In 2009, as part of their "Cult Classics" line, NECA produced this highly detailed action figure based on  SkekSil, the chamberlain Skeksis, from The Dark Crystal.

The figure is the only character from the 1981 film to get a major action figure likeness. Hasbro had plans to release a line of Dark Crystal action figures to coincide with the film, but were never mass produced.

The figure is also noteworthy because besides Beetlejuice, it is the only other character 
in the line from a PG rated film. All the others consisted mainly of characters from horror 
movies or R rated movies such as Evil Dead 2, The Exorcist, Child's Play, and Hellraiser. 

This figure can be found pretty easily online and at conventions, though  as one of the more  sought after characters in the line, it regular sells for around $90. 

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