Wednesday, August 6, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: 2015 Hallmark Preview (part 6)

Before we return to out regularly scheduled posts, there's two more items to look forward 
to from Hallmark next year. 

First, is this Tervis Hallmark exclusive that will ONLY be available at Hallmark stores that carry Tervis tumblers. 

The other is this Kermit Memo Globe (shown below along with Charlie Brown and Mickey Mouse and The Incredibles.) 

Each globe is white on the back side and comes with an erasable marker so you can write messages and notes on it!

As you can tell there's a lot of great stuff to look forward to next year, and this is just from Hallmark! Here's hoping the line continues and we see even more great items in 2016
and beyond!

Well, we've come down to the end of our exclusive look at Hallmark's 2015 Muppet gift line, but before we go, we like to give a big thank you to out friends at Hallmark who gave us the scoop! Thank you again!

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