Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Sesame Street Book & Record!

In celebration of Sesame Street's 45th anniversary this week, for today's Throwback Thursday we'll take a look at the very first record album of Sesame Street material ever released - "The Sesame Street Book & Record."

According to the Muppet Wiki:

The album was recorded in April 1970, at the end of the show's first season, and was released later that summer. The album was originally packaged in a gatefold sleeve that contained a full-color poster and a 24-page book featuring illustrations by Brian Cranner, as well as lyrics to all of the songs. It was also released simultaneously in a less expensive edition with a different cover, no book, and no poster. The songs from this album were also released on nine consecutively numbered 45-rpm, 7-inch records. The first six of these were also available in a "Carry About" boxed set, and the final three were also available as a set.

The album peaked at #23 on Billboard's Top LP's chart in 1970, and was certified Gold (sales of 500,000 copies) by the RIAA. It also won a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children. It was subsequently reissued many times (without the book or poster), first on Columbia under several different titles and covers, then on other labels (see below for details). It was also later issued as part of the 1977 2-LP set Sesame Street Gold!

Track listing

Side One
"Sesame Street" - The Entire Cast
"ABC-DEF-GHI" - Big Bird
"I've Got Two" - Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch plus everybody including Mr. Hooper
"Goin' for a Ride" - Anything People
"What Are Kids Called" - Bob and Susan
"Everybody Wash" - Ernie and Bert
"One of These Things" - Bob and Susan
"Up and Down" - Two Monsters
"Green" - Kermit the Frog

Side Two
"Somebody Come and Play" - The Kids
"I Love Trash" - Oscar the Grouch
"A Face" - Bob
"J-Jump" - The Kids
"People in Your Neighborhood" - Bob and The Anything People
"Rub Your Tummy" - Gordon
"Number 5" - The Kids
"Five People In My Family" - Anything People
"Nearly Missed" - Susan
"Rubber Duckie" - Ernie

This video, by LuckyPennyShopshows the entire book, sleeve and record. 

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