Thursday, December 11, 2014

MakerBot Releases More 3D Printable Sesame Figures!

MakerBot released the next wave of their 3D printable Sesame figures. 

Series 3 consists of Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Each has an optional holiday accessory that can be removed when the holiday season is over. 

Walk like an Egyptian Bert with his wrapped pink soap dish:

 Big Bird waving a wreath:

Santa hat Elmo

Break dancing Ernie with a wrapped cigar box:

 (This one shows just how ready for the next Step-Up or Breakin' squeal Ernie is)

Bah Humbug! Oscar:

 I really like the how this one shows the cool  squash and stretch distortion of the figure. 

You can read more about them on MakerBot's Blog and download your own from their site.
Don't have a 3D printer? You can also go to one of their 3 retails stores!

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