Friday, May 1, 2015

Strange eBay - Sterling Silver Gonzo Pez!

Searching through ebay can yield some strange results. 

Today we'll take a look one of strangest items I've come across: a sterling silver Gonzo pez.

Yes, you read that correctly, a sterling silver Gonzo pez.

This sterling silver Gonzo Pez was made of approximately 80-90 grams, which is almost 4 ounces of Silver!

It also comes with a plastic case! 

It's so crazy, surely Gonzo would approve! How much would you pay for something like this, though? $40? $50? $100???

Well, some collector out there thought is was worth $132.50! Wowza!

Have you seen something strange and bizarre for sale on ebay or somewhere else? let us know and we'll post in an upcoming post. 

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