Friday, May 8, 2015

Hallmark Collection 2015: Part 7 - Wave 2!

The next wave of Muppet merchandise is starting to arrive at Hallmark stores!

This batch includes two new additions to the CUBEEZ line: Bunsen and Beaker!

There's also a Kermit memo globe:

Two new coffee mugs, one featuring Kermit:

The other is a Sensational, Inspirational, 

Celebartional, Muppetational, 

Coffee-ational mug
Featuring silhouettes of Animal, Piggy, Kermit ,Beaker, Janice, Fozzie, Floyd(!!), Gonzo, Zoot, and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew in The Muppet Show arches!

There are also two more plaques. One featuring another famous Kermit line from The Muppet Movie:

The other oddly featuring nothing I know The Electric Mayhem ever said.

No Lips either, but at least Floyd is being featured on merchandise!

There's a compact mirror featuring Miss Piggy on one side ... 

 and Kermit plastered with kisses on the other!

And finally a "Chronically Groovy" Electric Mayhem shirt. 

Which strangely doesn't feature Floyd , who we all know has a "room for life at the home for the chronically groovy!"

For now it looks like these are only available in stores, but we'll keep you posted when they're for sale online as well. 

What do you think of the second wave of Hallmark items?

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  1. Are they available yet? I've been checking my 2 local HM stores to no avail thus far...