Friday, November 20, 2015

Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow airs Tomorrow Night!

The long lost Jim Henson script Turkey Hollow will debut tomorrow night!

Check out this compilation of the footage released so far:

Don't forget to tune in or set your DVR's for Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow Saturday at 8/7c on Lifetime! 

Here's a look at how the Monsters evolved from their first incarnation in Henson's own backyard to how they look in the finished film:

That's not the only Henson treat Lifetime has in store for Saturday night, though. Turkey Hollow will be preceded and followed by The Muppet Christmas Carol at 6 and 10pm ETS. 

And just in case you miss it, or don't get Lifetime, the movie will be released on DVD Tuesday November 24th. 

You can even pre-order in now from Amazon
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