Monday, November 30, 2015

Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow Merchandise!

Lifetime has released a selection of merchandise based on Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow

Besides the DVD and graphic novel, the online store has a lot of other items to choose from:

As you can see, there's shirts, blankets, bags, pillows, posters,hoodies, and even a beanie with Burble's eyes!

I have to say, as cool as a body pillow featuring Squonk is, most of the items are way over priced. I would also like to see a set of plush, vinyl, or even talking plush of the characters made at some point. 

Hopefully they'll have a sale soon so everyone can be sleeping with with their favortie monster by Christmas - (wait the didn't come out right.)

You can check out all the Turkey Hollow offerings at the official store.

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