Friday, March 25, 2016

Muppet Match-Up: Lola Folana vs Little Green Lie

It's mid-March and once again the madness has begun. 

Have you heard someone say The Muppets isn't as good as The Muppet Show?

With all the bracket breaking matches going on on the word of sports we decided to match up episodes of The Muppet Show vs episodes of The Muppets and see what happens.  

The rules are simple and you can play at home as well. 
1. The episodes must be selected at random. 
    (Get out your DVD's, bootlegs, and what have you) close your eyes and point.

2. The only caveat to rule 1 is that you may pick a season of The Muppet Show, but the episode itself must be random. 

3. Right down things you find interesting about the episode while you're watching it, then do the same for the next episode and see how they compare and contrast. 

4. Once an episode has been selected, it's out of play and can't be selected again. (yes I know these means only 16 episodes (so far) of The Muppets vs 120 episodes of The Muppet Show.)

5. Watch each episode then compare, contrast, and evaluate.


For our first match, I wanted to really make it a challenge. I picked season 4 since The Muppet Show was very established and hitting it's stride at that point. Other then that, both episodes were selected at random.

Here we have our first Muppet Match-Up:

Lola Folana: 
The plot centers around Gonzo leaving the show to to go to Bombay India pursue his dream of being a movie star, which we first learned of in The Muppet Movie

Guest star: Lola Folana 

The episode is incredibly well written and dare you not to tear up when Gonzo breaks down after singing Frank Sinatra's "My Way."

I noticed there where a lot of songs in the episode - almost too many it seemed at times.

Kermit and Gonzo hug.

Gonzo and Camilla have a fight.

Camilla is featured with her female chicken friends. 

Other observations:
One of Steve Whitmire's first speaking characters: Trevor the Gross

Little Green Lie: 
The plot revolves around Kermit and Piggy trying to hide their breakup while Kermit's nephew Robin is visiting. 

Guest star: Lara Spencer. 

Gonzo and Pepe hug.

Gonzo and Camilla do couples yoga.

Camilla is featured with her female friends though this time they're human. 

While they couldn't more different, the similarities of the two episodes really took me by surprise!

Both episodes feature Gonzo and Camilla, two Muppets hugging, Camila hanging out with  female friends, and both feature female guest stars with first names that start with "L"! (That's called small talk)

Gonzo is central to the plot of Lola Folana but is barely the B plot in Little Green Lie. Instead of Kermit and Gonzo hugging in Lola Folana it's Gonzo and Pepe, Camila hangs out with her female friends only in Little Green Lie they're human

Verdict: Lola Folana packs an emotional wallop, while Little Green Lie brings the funny. Lola Folana is slowed down by the sheer number of songs, while Little Green Lie keeps things moving at a tight pace. Slight edge to The Muppet Show.

Now it's your turn. You can vote for which one you think should come out on top. Polling will be open for one week.

UPDATE: Voting can be done on the top right side of the page. Voting is now closed. 

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