Thursday, March 24, 2016

RIP David Smyrl (Mr. Handford)!

We were saddened yesterday to hear of the passing of David Smyrl, otherwise known as Sesame Street's Mr. Handford. Mr. Handford was the owner of Hooper's Store from 1990 - 1998.

Smyrl was actually the second Mr. Handford - he replaced actor Leonard Jackson in the role after one season and co-wrote the songs in episode 3717 with Ian James.

Though no on screen explanation was given to Mr. Handford's departure, Sesame Workshop's official website cites that Mr. Handford simply sold the store to Alan in 1998.

During his career Smyrl wrote two episodes Benson, appeared in several episodes of The Cosby Show, and had guest roles on Law & Order and ER.

Check out a montage of the many projects he worked on:

Below he talks with "Everyday Philly" about his life and career:

RIP David Smyrl. you'll alway be Mr. Handford to us!

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