Monday, April 18, 2016

Muppet Match-Up #3!

These match-ups are getting curiouser and curiouser! 

I give you round 3 of:

Let's review the rules:

1. The episodes are selected at random. 

2. The only caveat to rule 1 is that a season of The Muppet Show may be picked, but again the episode itself must be random. Once a season has been picked - it's out of play. 

3. Once an episode has been selected, it's out of play and can't be selected again. (yes I know these means only 16 episodes (so far) of The Muppets vs 120 episodes of The Muppet Show.)

Round 3 features child star taking on a classic tale and a former child star taking meditation classes.

At first glance I thought these two competitors couldn't be more different, but after watching them back-to-back I realized both:
  • Feature a child, or former child star
  • Have an invention of Bunsen's that doesn't work properly
  • Reference The Wizard of Oz
  • Miss Piggy has a wardrobe issue
  • Statler and Waldorf join in a song
  • and have Kermit placing Scooter in change and him failing. 

Otherwise, the two couldn't be more different. The Brooke Shields episode revolves around the retelling of Alice and Wonderland, while Pig's in Blackout revolves around Kermit taking a break from the stress of show by taking a meditation retreat. It even utilizes the exact opposite members of The Electric Mayhem: Floyd and Dr. Teeth in Brooke Shields, while Animal, Janice and Zoot - who aren't even in the Brooke Shields episode, each have lines in Pig's in Blackout.

Verdict: Brooke Shields is a Muppet Show classic, while Pig's in a Blackout has some great Kermit & Rowlf moments, and culminates in The Rainbow Connection. This a tough one, but  I see this one going for the muppets.

Now it's your turn. Vote for which episode you think should come out on top. Polling will be open for one week, and you can vote as many times as you wish!

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