Monday, April 4, 2016

Muppet Match-Up: Paul Williams vs A Tale of two Piggies!

The people spoke and last week's pervieced champion, The Muppet Show's "Lola Falana" lost to the muppets' "Little Gren Lie." 

It's time for round 2, and we have two new challengers!

But first, let's review the rules for those that want to play at home:

1. The episodes must be selected at random. 

2. The only caveat to rule 1 is that a season of The Muppet Show may be picked, but again the episode itself must be random. Once a season has been picked - it's out of play. 

3. Right down things you find interesting about the episode while you're watching it, then do the same for the next episode and see how they compare and contrast. 

4. Once an episode has been selected, it's out of play and can't be selected again. (yes I know these means only 16 episodes (so far) of The Muppets vs 120 episodes of The Muppet Show.)

Round 2 features and even crazier match-up as "Paul Williams" goes head to head with "A Tale of Two Piggies." 

Let's look at the contestants.

Surprisingly, both episodes have a lot in common.


  • Have musical guests (Paul Williams vs Joan Jett)
  • Are from the show's first season
  • Feature the Newsman, Bunsen, Sam Eagle, Sweetums, and Beautiful Day Monster
  • Have references to rugs (Beautiful Monster shipped to Pittsburg vs Gonzo, Rizzo, & Pepe's carpet samples)
  • Houses (The Talking Houses vs the house Gonzo, Rizzo, & Pepe look at)
  • and messages about body image (short vs being proud of who you are)
  • In this The Muppet Show episode Miss Piggy and Gonzo are mainly background characters, while on the muppets, they're the star of their own plots. 

Verdict: Paul Williams has great songs and humor, but it's A Tale of Two Piggies that packs both humor, songs, and a great social message. I see this one going for the muppets.

Now it's your turn. Vote for which episode you think should come out on top. Polling will be open for one week, and you can vote as many times as you wish!

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