Friday, August 12, 2016

Peace. Love. Mayhem!

In case you missed it, The Electric Mayhem put on an amazing live performance last weekend. 

It was part of the Outside Lands festival in San Francisco that also featured acts including Radiohead, Major Lazer, Third Eye Bland, and Lionel Ritchie. 

Animal, the 4th Third Eye Blind member?
With all those great acts, guess which band has gotten a majority all the press? That's right, The Electric Mayhem. The rockers that made their debut in the pilot for The Muppet Show stole the show!! Rolling Stone even called their performance on of the 5 best things that happened at the three days event!

Before their incredible performance, Dr. Teeth chatted with Yahoo' Music's Lindsay Parker:

Did you notice Lindsay's shirt?

It was a limited edition shirt sold at the festival! Just like every other major band has at their shows - merch!

Along with the official shirt, many fans in the audience made their own flags, banners and large cut outs of the band members. 

The show itself was a twenty-five minute set featuring five songs and a couple of video clips in order to give the Muppet performers arms a break. 

Their called, and they played: 
San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)  (Scott McKenzie)
Can You Picture That? (The Electric Mayhem)
San Francisco (Mowglis)
Home (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros)
Ophelia (The Band)
The finale was a gospel choir backed rendition of Joe Cocker's version of the Beatles’ With a Little Help From My Friends.

All seemed to be sung live in front of 70,000 people with a possibly pre recorded backing track!

You can watch the entire performance below:

After the show Animal and Floyd were interviewed by Go90 (who streamed the event):

Here's hoping The Electric Mayhem makes more live appearances and to the amazing Muppet performers who pulled off another "How'd they do that?" type event!

They've always been like rock stars to us, and now the rest of teh world gest to see them that way too! 

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