Friday, August 19, 2016

I Tumble For Ya!

Fresh off thier recently released Muppet Show pint glasses, Diamond Select is back with more Muppet Show inspired drinkware - Muppet Show tumblers!

What's the difference between a tumbler and pint? A few dribbles I guess. 

These glasses are meant to invoke the style of "fast food glassware of yesteryear" though some of the images/ compositions seen to work better than others. 

The ones that work best feature one or two characters, like Bunsen and Beaker:

When more characters are added though, the compositions become less focused. 

Such as the Kermit, Piggy, Rowlf, and Scooter glass:

and the one featuring Fozzie, Gonzo, Camilla, Lew Zealand, Statler, and Waldorf:

It may be one of those once you see it I can't be unseen things, but what's with the black hole in the logo's O? I'm pretty sure I know why the designer chose to that, but Kermit, a red curtain, or just clear might have worked better.

I think if Diamond stuck to one or two characters per glass like they did with their Back to The future set:

Or focused on one main character with others in the background, like their Ghostbusters tumblers, the Muppet set would have looked a bit nicer. 

All in all though their, not bad looking with Bunsen & Beaker and Swedish Chef being the standouts. The glasses will be available individually available early next year, but you can pre-order them from Amazon using the links above.

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