Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"My Favorite Item" Celebrating The Muppet Show's 40th Anniversary - Part 1!

To celebrate The Muppet Show's 40th Anniversary we reached out to the Muppet fan community and asked what their favorite Muppet Show related item was.

Jim Hemstead

My favorite piece that I own is the original Kermit The Frog stuffed animal. I can remember being in New York on vacation with my dad, and I believe being in Macy's seeing a mountain of Kermit's. To this day it not only reminds me of The Muppet Show but also my Dad.

Peter Valentin

Too hard to choose. How do you choose between Sideshow Weta Muppet Busts,
Palisades Muppet Action Figures and Master Replica Muppet Photo Puppet Replicas!!!
So, I wont choose, but go for something random, like the Muppet Harmony sculpture! 

I like this, because apart from being a multi character set up, it has the novelty of opening up and seeing Rizzo hide inside. 

I think that is what made me choose that over the Bradford Exchange Muppet Wall clock.

Jordan Sibayan

Long time Muppet fan and community member here. I'd have to say my favorite piece of my muppet collection would be my Kermit the Frog Candlestick Telephone from TeleDynamics. I found mine at the local flea market and have held onto it ever since. 

Chris Harris

I opted not to bombard you with photos of Muppet shirts, but I do have a couple of items I’ll share with Muppet Stuff. The first is a Muppets snow globe we picked up at Walt Disney World. I’m pretty sure my wife and I bought it when visiting the parks for our first wedding anniversary in 2005. The music box in the snow globe plays the theme from “The Muppet Show.”

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