Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mystery Muppet Item Reveled!

I knew our first Mystery Muppet Item was a tough, but I didn't realize just how hard it was going to be.

So now the moment you've been waiting for our Mystery Muppet Item is....

The Hey Cinderella! Laserdisc!

Check out the clues:

  • It's an item that arrive this week  - not released this week,  just that it arrived!

  • It's a disc of a Jim Henson directed production - LaserDISC!
  • Featuring a girl - Cinderella
  • Surrounded by strange creatures - Spurge and a talking frog, Kermit
  • A flamboyant magical fay - Fay is another word for fairy as in Fairy Godmother!

  • You have until have until midnight (13 hours) - We posted the question at 11AM. that's 13 until midnight  when Cinderella's spell wears off. 

Our last clue was the clincher though:
  • While there is a king, there are no goblins - King Goshposh
While no one guessed it 100% correctly, one person was VERY close.

Annie Stanley guessed "a Hey Cinderella! album"
Annie congratulations, you're our first Muppet Mystery winner!

Please send us a Facebook message or email (MuppetsStuff at Gmail.com) to collect your prize!

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