Monday, December 12, 2016

‘Top Puppet’ Coming to NBC from Craig Ferguson and The Jim Henson Company!

The Jim Henson Company is teaming up with former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson to produce "Top Puppet" a puppet competition special at NBC.

Additionally, The Voice producer Talpa Media will be involved.

According to Deadline:
In Top Puppet, competitors will battle it out in front of a live studio audience and three judges who will seek originality. The goal is to feature the full spectrum of puppeteering on the show — from hand puppets to giant walkers, marionettes to humanettes, ventriloquists to singing hand puppets; with acts as grand as the spectacle of The Lion King or realistic as War Horse, or simple as sock puppets.

The special will premiere next summer and casting is underway. It is currently designed as just a one off, but it could lead to a full series if successful.

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