Monday, December 5, 2016

Kate Spade Officially Debuts Miss Piggy Line with #Missadventure Episode!

We recently told you that fashion designer Kate Spade was teaming up with Miss Piggy for a new line of high end accessories.

The line officially launched with Miss Piggy's Kate appearance in Kate Spade's webseries #MissAdventure. “To the top” features Miss Piggy and Zosia Mamet in the elevator at the Empire State Building.

Since the initial announcement, a few items have been added to the line including this $98 Miss Piggy keychain. No that's not a typo. A $98. Miss Piggy. KEYCHAIN. 

and this $378 tote bag (presumably $98 of that is for the keychain):

The rest of teh currently available line of Miss Piggy Items can be found at Kate

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