Friday, November 4, 2016

Miss Piggy and Kate Spade Team Up for Holiday Collection!

Miss Piggy and fashion designer designer Kate Spade have teamed up to create a new holiday collection. 

Miss Piggy made the announcement herself earlier this week via twitter:

The high end collection is comprised of a sweater, wristlet, clutch, tote, wallet, iPhone cases, necklace, key chain, and stud earrings with prices ranging from $48 to $358.

In addition to appearing in the holiday ad campaign along with Jourdan Dunn and Catherine Baba (above), Piggy will also be the face of the brand’s “Miss Adventure” film, which will be released online in December. 

Miss Piggy sat down with fashion bog WWD for an interview about the line:
WWD: Why did you want to collaborate with Kate Spade?Miss Piggy: Moi was already a big fan of Kate Spade New York’s Miss Adventure’s series. I mean you see all these fabulous and incredibly strong and wonderful women like Anna Kendrick and Zosia Mamet having fun. So, I thought: I’m fabulous, incredibly strong and wonderful, I need to be part of this. When I discovered they wanted to create product inspired by moi: Well, it was a done deal. 
WWD: How much input did they give you in the collection’s design?M.P.: I worked very closely with Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade New York’s chief creative officer. We had lots of midnight chats. (Hey, how did I know she was in a different time zone?) We both worked hard, but I did the inspiring and Deborah did the designing. (Strictly between us, inspiring is a lot easier than designing. Much better hours.) 
WWD: Who is the customer for your Disney Miss Piggy Collection by Kate Spade?M.P.: She is quick, curious, playful and strong…she is interesting and interested — just like moi!
WWD: What was it like on the set for the ad campaign?M.P.: It was so much fun! I adore Zosia — you know, I kept calling her Zsa Zsa, because I thought that was her name. She kept trying to correct me, but I thought she was sneezing. Hah! The fun we have on set! Or maybe you had to be there.
WWD: What are your favorite accessories and do you match them with your outfits?M.P.: Everything in the collection is fabulous, but anything with “Moi” on it is a personal favorite. I’m sure you feel exactly the same way. Don’t you? Of course, you do. I match my “Who Moi?!” Hallie tote with my fabulous “Who Moi?!” sweater. With a wristlet, a clutch, a key chain, a necklace, a sweater and stud earrings — all part of the Disney Miss Piggy Collection by Kate Spade New YorkN’est ce pas?
WWD: How important is fashion to your life, and do you feel it’s an important aspect of women’s lives today?M.P.: My style is more moi-centric. In the beginning, I used to seek approval from others about my fashion choices. Now, I trust myself. If I wear it, you better like it. Attitude is everything. Your clothes should always make a statement. I like mine to say: “Yoo-hoo, everybody, look at me! I’m fabulous! Don’t you wish you were moi?” I also believe every young women needs to know that though you may have to struggle and strive to achieve your dreams, you can have oodles of fun along the way. Be curious. Be daring. Be different. Be yourself. And, if that doesn’t work, be moi!z
WWD: What special features did you insist on in your accessories?M.P.: Moi! Moi! Moi!z
WWD: What’s your favorite must-have accessory?M.P.: Oh, everything in the collection is fabulous, but if I have to choose I’d say that all of the pieces with “Moi” on them are my favorite. If it’s got anything to do with moi, I don’t leave the house without it.z
WWD: Do you feel accessories make the woman?M.P.: Oh, attitude makes the woman, darling! But naturally I have to mention moi’s incredible collection as an absolute must. What do you think: this is my first rodeo? Hah!
Check out the items in collection (and their prices) for yourself:

Clutch, $358

Lacey wallet, $248

iPhone 7 applique folio, $78

Who moi iPhone 7 case with chain, $90

Who moi studs, $48
Who moi necklace, $78

Who moi sweater, $248

To rock the whole collection will only will set you back $1,148 plus tax! 

Moi would suggest joining their mailing list where you'll get 15% off your next purchase. Then maybe you'll actually be able afford half of the items!

The collection will hit Kate Spade specialty stores, Nordstrom, and Kate Spade's website Dec 1. 

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