Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Remember to Vote!

After a long campaign it all comes down to today.

(Image by James V Carroll)

I'm sure you've all heard too much info about the actual candidates, but what about the other weirdos running?

Like Big Bird in 2012, Miss Piggy was brought up during this year's Presidential debates.
In 1980, she made her candidacy official in a Life Magazine cover story!

Her supporters could show their support with the button above and with this one from Hallmark announcing she was running for First Lady...President!

If the two main candidates don't do it for you, you can always vote green.
Kermit green that is. Who also announced his candidacy via a Hallmark button in 1980.

There's also a strange candidate on the ballot with a big nose. Gonzo of course!
Who released this campaign patch in the early 2000's:

Well there you have it, No that you know the candidates, get out and vote!

(Image by James V Carroll)

As Sam Eagle would say, it's your patriotic duty!

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