Thursday, February 9, 2017

Help Fund Toys That Time Forgot!

Another Muppet related crowdsourcing project is looking for funding.

This time it's "Toys That Time Forgot" a (hopefully) upcoming book by Blake Wright that looks at unproduced toy lines.

The book would be a "first-of-its-kind art book highlighting a series of "lost" toy projects, mainly action figures, spanning three-plus decades."
Written and compiled by journalist Blake Wright, the 200-plus page hard cover book will take an in-depth look at over 20 instances of toy lines that suffered these type of fates. Stories are supplemented with supporting photographs of the production process, existing prototypes, control drawings used to create the sculpts, concept sketches and more. The stories (and supplemental materials) have come straight from the men and women that lived them — from inventors and sculptors to project managers and toy company executives.
The book's foreword will be written by Jordan Hembrough (aka The Toy Hunter), owner of Hollywood Heroes and vintage toy guru for over a quarter century.

Two unproduced Muppet lines are featured are Hasbro's original 1982 Dark Crystal and Palisade's 2005 Sesame Street action figures. 

Tim Clarke who worked on both The Dark Crystal and the unproduced toy line will share his stories working on the toys in the book. 

Some of the perks can bee seen below included a print of an original charcoal for Hasbro's unproduced Skesis figure, and a lithograph of Alex Ross' Wizard World exclusive Super Grover (Update: gone).  

According to their kickstarter page, the book is 95% complete and the funds will be used for printing.

If you'd like to see the stories behind these unproduced toys see the light of day consider contributin
g here

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