Friday, February 10, 2017

Park Series Waldo Vinylmation!

Disney Parks, as part of their Vinylmation "Park Series" has a new Waldo C. Graphic figure!

As you can see, unlike the regular Vinylmation line, Park Series figures are not beholden to the Mickey Mouse shape. 

This Waldo has some great fluidity, my only complaint is that his nose is just painted on. For the "spirit of 3D" his face looks rather flat. 
Luckily he's not the more rare "chaser" as he was in the Muppet line, but these are blind boxed, like regular Vinylmation.

So please note, while you can order Park Series 5 figures from, you're not guaranteed to get Waldo. Unless you're feeling lucky the only way to ensure you get one may be trading or ebay. 

Thanks to Nate Downs and Brian Sullivan for the heads up.

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