Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Muppets "Art of Coloring" Now Available!

The Muppets "Art of Coloring" adult coloring book hits stores today!

The 128 page book features 100 Muppety images meant to "inspire creativity."

There's a nice mix of stock art, new images, and classic photos converted to line art. 

Some newer stock images work very well, like these pages of Rizzo and Statler and Waldorf:

While transitioning stock photos into line art yielded mixed results.
For instance, here's The Muppets (2011) poster, which works pretty well as line art:

However, the widely used Muppet Show cast photo from 1970's didn't translate as well:

It's a good effort, but why are Statler and Waldorf's suits so minimal? 
It looks like Waldorf is wearing a sweater.
Where are most of the characters tongues?  
For that matter, what happened to Lew Zealand's entire mouth?

Many group images may seem familiar as the book also reuses some classic Muppet coloring book art:

Including the cover from 1982's "The Muppets on Vacation."

The cover image from "Muppet Hobbies" doubles as this book's cover as well.

Some images even came from 80's era storybooks, like the  cover from "Muppets at Sea":

By far the worst image, reused or otherwise, in the book has to be the one below:

I mean, who can forget Kermit's classic violin recitals?

I'm pretty sure it was 
originally used in "a what's wrong with this picture" context in another coloring/activity book, but in this book it's framed and labeled "me." Seriously. 

Whoever Disney had pulling images and working on this book is in serious need of a Muppet history lesson. I mean wow. Kermit. Log. Banjo. It's pretty well documented.

Fortunately, that's as bad as it gets and there are a few surprises that make up for some of the books faults. 

Including this spread of Floyd, Janice, and Zoot (who's surprisingly well featured throughout!

You can find it at your local bookstore and through Amazon.

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