Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Skin & Ink Magazine Talks Dark Crystal!

Sometimes you find Muppet stuff In the most unexpected places! The latest issue of Skin & Ink Magazine has a feature on The Dark Crystal including interviews with Tim Clark and Mike Quinn.

Besides the interviews and photos of Tim and Mike in action, 
Tim Clark
Mike Quinn
there are some great photos of the characters on display at The Center of Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, along with Tim and Mike's personal behind the scenes photos, and even a few Dark Crystal inspired tattoos (it is a tattoo magazine after all).

They even have a page dedicated to Dark Crystal toys:

Unfortunately, the interviews (especially Tim's) are riddled with typos and punctual errors. So much so that it's actually painful (maybe like a tattoo?) to read at times. 

Fozzie is named "Fuzzy", The Empire Strikes, but not "Back" according to a few notable errors in the article which, by the way, was conducted by the magazine's own editor!

Therefore, I can only recomended the issue for the insights in the interviews and the photos. If you're looking for something that doesn't read like a 5th grader's book report, you'll be sadly disappointed. Apparently this is what constitutes an actual cover story in a national magazine these days. 

Gluttons for punishment can pick up your copy at Skin & Ink, Barnes and Noble and wherever magazines are sold. 

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