Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Matt Vogel!

Happy birthday to Muppet performer Matt Vogel!

He took over performing Floyd from the late Jerry Nelson in 2008. 

Check out some of Matt's recent Floyd appearances: 

A New "LOL-Worthy" Muppet Episode Tonight!

Don't forget, a new "LOL-Worthy" episode of "The Muppets" airs tonight on 8/7c on ABC!

Check out the trailers below featuring Liam Hemsworth, Nick Offerman, and Christina Applegate.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Coming Soon - Muppet Instruments?

HGTV, recently posted this image of a kids bedroom on social media:

Notice anything special? 

I mean, sure there is the Disney Store Kermit, Piggy, Animal, and Walter plush, but look closely at the center...

It looks like a set of Muppet instruments! I couldn't find any more info about them yet, but we'll be sure you keep you posted when you can start making Muppet music of your own!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hallmark Collection 2015: Part 10 - Wave 3!

There are a few new Muppet items to found at Hallmark. 

As previously reported there are now Rowlf and Swedish Chef CUBEEZ:

 Which look great, and even have nice side graphics as well. 

Two new inspirational desk sayings featuring Beaker and the Swedish Chef:

These are fantastic and instead of making up quotes, like the Kermit and Piggy silhouettes, use the characters actual (albeit nonsensical) words to create the inspirational message. 

There are are also two framed illustrations. "Love is worth the leap" uses similar (or even a somewhat reused) graphic as the LED candle, but in color with an expanded view of the swamp around them. 

"Together days are happy days" is a great recreation of the bicycle scene from The Great Muppet Caper, and even features Janice and Floyd!


"Moi is out" is a door hanger to let people know you're not home at the moment. The "i" is dotted with a rhinestone to give it a more Piggy feel. 

Another Piggy item is the "Miss Piggy Beauty Sleep Mask." Make anyone have Miss Piggy's eyes while they get their beauty rest. 

The most surprising item is this Kermit log desk calendar:

The log is crafted really well. The month and days look like they were carved out of wood as well which is a nice touch. They reuse the "Time's fun when you're having flies" line from the clock, which, I guess is an attempt to have them match when used in the same room. 
Personally, I think using "Someday you'll find it" would have worked better. 

I was a little disappointed that the Kermit figure looked a little too much like the 2013 ornament.

But overall it's a great piece and a welcome addition to any desk or Muppet collection. 

So far these items are only available in Hallmark stores and not online, but we'll update the post with links when they are.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Funko Announces NYCC Exclusive - Flocked Cookie Monster!

Funko announced its list of 2015 New York Comic Con exclusives and among them is a flocked POP! Sesame Street Cookie Monster vinyl figure.

The limited edition figure will be available at Funko's NYCC booth. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

River Horse Labyrinth Game - First Peak at Ludo!

You may recall River Horse is developing a Labyrinth game. Previously they revealed a first look at their Hoggle figure. 

Now we have a first look at the making of their Ludo figure!

From their press release:

Rocks... friends!

Ludo is here!

These are the first pics of the 3-up Ludo for our upcoming Labyrinth board game.
Ludo has been sculpted by Johnny Frazer-Allen, who we are glad to say will be working on all the figures for the game.
As for the game itself, the base game is written and will soon be sent out to an elite team of playtesters for feedback.  Alessio has already played the game at his local gaming club and it went down really well, even with someone who hadn't seen the film (but will now be ordering the dvd!).
We'll be sharing a little more about the gameplay and other exciting bits over on the Labyrinth Boardgame Facebook Page.
Lets take a minute to remember the man who brought all this to life, Jim Henson, (born on Sept 24th 1936) by celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company and worlds he created. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Muppets are #1 and a New Episode Airs Tonight!

Today's Tuesday and you know what that means? It's time for another new episode of TV's #1 new comedy, The Muppets!

Check out these promos for tonight's show!

And one more for the series it itself!