Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Muppets Take Manhattan comic book adaptation!

Believe it or not, on July 13th The Muppets Take Manhattan turned 30 years old! To help promote the film Marvel produced "Marvel Super Special #32a 68 page comic adaptation of the film.

It was later released as a 3-issue mini series that ran from November 1984 - December 1985.

This comic was great way to relieve the events of the film while waiting for the home video release, which at that time was around 6 months or more for just the initial  rental market. 

The adaptation was based off the original script and featured scenes and dialogue not included in the final film. 

Here are a few pages from the first issue:

Thanks to blogger Dean Yeagle, you can read the entire first issue right here on his flickr page, classic ads and all!

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