Friday, July 11, 2014

Another 2015 "Muppets Most Wanted" Calendar!

Remember how we said "2015 will see a new Muppet calendar based on Muppets Most Wanted!" and that "this is the first calender in many years that doesn't feature over used stock photography!" If you need a refresher click here.

Well, for all those fans that complain about the UK "getting all the good stuff" this one's for you! 

The 2015 Danilo "Muppets Most Wanted"  features all the over used stock photography a Muppet fan could ask for. Other then the small photos from Muppets Most Wanted this calendar could have been released anytime in the past few years.  

The image choices with the featured Muppet are questionable at best. Fozzie, Piggy, Rowlf, Animal, Gonzo and Pepe's (barely) pages feature images of them from the movie. Bunsen and Beaker's contains them from a group shot and an deleted scene with 80's Robot. 

While the Swedish Chef's page features him in a group shot and Napoleon's car?, Sam Eagle shows himself from the promo poster and Gonzo & Fozzie? (what no shot Napoleon? More on that later), Statler and Waldorf's page also features their photo and Miss Piggy? from the promo poster, and Janice and Floyd's page has Janice's shot from the promo poster while Floyd's shot may actually be from the movie!

Lastly we come to Kermit's page which features a shot of him and Miss Piggy but the other shot is of Constantine from in the Spanish Muppet Show opening, who, along with Walter and the human costars are suspiciously absent from the calendar. 

I think the lack of the humans may have to do with licensing rights, but not including Walter and Constatine who are in the movie much more then the Swedish Chef, Pepe, Janice, Floyd, or Statler and Waldorf as popular with long time fans they may be.  

Those factors along with the way the logo is arranged on the front of the calendar lead me to believe that this is less a Muppets Most Wanted calendar, and more a "Muppets: Most Wanted" calendar. Made for casual Muppet fans filled with popular characters but not necessarily for fans of the movie.

If stock photos are your thing, you can get this calendar from the UK's Calendar Club.

Thanks to Rob at the Tough Pigs forum for the heads up!

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