Monday, July 21, 2014

Retailer Spotlight: Khol's

It's been a while since our last retailer spotlight. So it's high time to bring it back by looking at the offerings at discount retailer Kohl's. 

While at Wizard World we met a woman wearing a Muppet watch, when I asked where she got it, she said Kohl's (obviously).  I treaded off to my local store soon after and low and behold I found one.

As with many of the merchandise at Kohl's, t looks like this was older stock that didn't sell. If using branding from The Muppets, not to be confused with The Muppets didn't give it away,  the 2012 copyright on the bottom should. 

The watch comes in a metal case, with recent stock photos adorning it. The price tag says $19.99, but they were having a sale and it came to just $13 when it was rung up!

The other item at Kohl's is this t-shirt:

Notice anything odd about it? Take a closer look at the date. "The Muppets Since 1954" 1954??? What Muppets are from 1954? Sam & Friend's, the first Muppet series started in 1955. This shirt is like trying to sell a losing SuperBowl team shirt in Africa. 

UPDATE: Our good friend Ryan Dosier of The Muppet Mindset corrected us on our facebook page:

It's now officially OK to buy this shirt!

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