Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Special Report: Price Gouging!

We've all seen an item we wanted and couldn't afford. We've all also seen plenty of items sold at antique stores and online that weren't nearly worth the price on the tag. I'm sure we've all also seen an item sell at an auction for much more then we'd be willing to pay or it should be sold for. 

Well my friends, I found a seller that blows them all away. Normally, I wouldn't call a seller out, but when you see the prices "ErgodE" is asking, you'll be amazed someone hasn't already.

I mean $113.32 (on sale from $3,259.38 no less) is a hell of a deal for the ground breaking 
Random House Muppet Babies book "Goldilocks Baby Piggy's Dream" right?

How about $119.25 for the required college textbook Muppet Manners?

Who wouldn't pay $192.03* for the literary classic A Very Silly Songbook
*Which is no longer on sale, and is now listed at $2,708.39!

How's $320.18 for the definitive story of "The Story of Jim Henson, Creator of the Muppets."

Wait, you mean you wouldn't pay $422.70* for the Peabody award winning "Muppet Babies Night Light Book.

*Currently on sale for the low low price of $95.42!

How about $452.12 for "Muppet Peter Pan" which is currently on "sale" for the 
somewhat more reasonable price of $78.44.

$470.44 is a steal for the amazing 3D trickery of "Jim Henson s Muppet Show Pop-Up Book" when you consider it's "on sale" from $1,353

Last, but not least, is my favorite of them all.  Let this sink in for a moment:

No, you're eyes are not playing tricks on you, he's selling the 46 page Scholastic book "The Best Baby-Sitter in the Worldfor $3,292.45! That's almost $72 per page!

As you can see the prices are so outrageous they're comical. While the seller has ever right to set the price, please do not buy any of these from this seller. Please do not think these books are worth this much and try to sell your copies. None of these books are worth a fraction of what he's trying to get for them. These prices make highway robbery look like Goodwill.

Have you seen an item being sold for a price way beyond reasonable? Is the shipping coast twice as much as the item is worth? Let us know!

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  1. wowo.. uhm.. hey.. i have the very silly song book.. and if anyone out there truly does think that's worth $2000.. i'd be willing to part with it for that.. heck.. i'd even be willing to consider half price at only $1000! ;)
    that's just utter nonsense.. these books aren't that rare, and they are not first edition folios of, well, any of the great writers that might be worth that much.. sheesh...