Friday, February 13, 2015

Hallmark Collection 2015: Part 4 - Mugs and Cups

For the lovers and dreamers of hot beverages Hallmark has two coffee mugs.

Animal's "Crazy for Coffee" mug

 and Miss Piggy's "I've Got to be Moi" mug.

Both are available at Hallmark stores and online at the links above. 

A little harder to find is this Hallmark exclusive Tervis tumbler.

Since it's made by Tervis and not Hallmark, instead of featuring stylized clip art or new illustrations like the rest of the line, it has stock clip art. 

What makes it harder to find is that it's only available in stores. Not only that, but only certain Hallmark franchises, even those that carry other Tervis products, are selling it. Happy Hunting!

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