Friday, June 5, 2015

Miss Piggy Honored With Feminist Award!

Back in April we told you that Miss Piggy was to be honored with a feminist award. 

Well, last night, the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum in New York presented the Sackler Center First Award to Miss Piggy!

The 2015 Sackler Center First Awards honors performer, actor, writer, and icon Miss Piggy, for more than forty years of blazing feminist trails with determination and humor, and for her groundbreaking role inspiring generations the world over.

Feminist icon, and co-founder of “Ms. Magazine”, Gloria Steinem, a certain frog and Elizabeth A. Sackler herself, were also in attendance to help present the award.

Miss Piggy told Time Magazine why she should be honored for such an award:
As a young woman born on a farm, I was told that my life would be nothing but mud, sweat and tears … and the occasional trip to the 4-H fair. Now that may have been enough for some, but not for moi. I refused to accept someone else’s definition of my life and my future. I knew there was something bigger and better out there — and that I could achieve it if I never, ever gave up. Thanks to grit, fortitude, perseverance, the inspiration of other great feminists and the aforementioned karate, I did in fact achieve those dreams. Today, I live in Hollywood, where there is still a lot of mud, sweat and tears, but the hours and compensation are much more attractive.

Another reason some refuse to consider moi a feminist is that I do not fit the popular image of a feminist.

It’s true, I did not march in women’s-rights parades down Fifth Avenue in the early 1970s. (That was long before I was born.) However, today, in solidarity with my feminist foremothers, I go shopping on Fifth Avenue whenever possible.
And it is true, I did not burn my bra. Was this a political statement? No, it was simple common-sense economics. When one pays top dollar for intimate apparel like moi does, setting it ablaze is wasteful, improvident and highly incendiary.

And yes, it is true that I am a Porcine American. How can a … ahem, pig … be a feminist? After all, the p word has long been associated with the very antithesis of feminists “male chauvinist.” This, alas, is a vestige of latent “species-ism.” Sure, there are male chauvinist pigs, but there are also male chauvinist humans and, on very rare occasions and at their own peril, male chauvinist amphibians. Let us not besmirch an entire species because of the sins of a few.
So, now that I have dispatched the naysayers, moi can accept this Sackler Center First Award with my head held high and my feminist bona fides affirmed.

Yet one last question remains: What is the future of feminism? The answer is obvious — feminism’s future must be proud, positive, powerful, perseverant, and, wherever possible, alliterative. It must believe in itself, share its triumphs, overcome its setbacks and inspire future generations.
I must, in other words, be a lot like … moi.

She even had a few words for those who didn't think she deserved the honor:

Congrats Miss Piggy! 

While we wait for video of the entire presentation, be sure to check out some other great video clips from the event! 

Orange is the New Black's Lea DeLaria was in attendance as well and got to take a few shots with Kermit and Miss Piggy.

UPDATE: Our friends at ToughPigs were in attendance and have a great recap of the event.

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