Monday, June 15, 2015

Center for Puppetry Arts Steve Whitmire's Memorabilia Auction Final Batch!

This is it! The final batch of Steve Whitmire's memorabilia is now up for auction and it's a doozy!

This batch includes items from The Jim Henson Company, Dinosaurs, The Muppet Christmas CarolMuppets From SpaceSesame StreetFraggle Rock, as well as many other Muppet products.

Jim Henson Productions™ Set (shown above)

Jim Henson Productions baseball hat, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™ book, "No Strings Attached"

”The Art of the Muppets” book 

Jim Henson Pictures™ paperweight

2 ”Muppets Make Puppets” craft books

Vintage Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™ T-shirt (X-Large)

Vintage "The Witches" polo (Large)

65th anniversary Animal pin

RARE vintage “MuppetZine”

Vintage “The Muppets Take Manhattan” book (1984)

Plush Kermit the Frog 

Amphibia Gift Set

RARE and original collectors exclusively sold at Bloomingdales (1995)

Amphibia gift box set, mint condition autographed by Steve Whitmire

Amphibia T-shirt, large

1.7oz cologne

One Frog Gift Set

“One Frog Can Make a Difference” book, autographed by Steve Whitmire 

“One Frog Can Make a Difference” T-shirt (Large) 

Happy Meal® Toys 

Blockbuster plush Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo, mint condition The Muppets collectible tin:

Kermit at Work

RARE hard-hat from The Jim Henson Company™ Studios reopening, autographed by Steve Whitmire and Brian Henson

”Hop To It” Kermit the Frog T-shirt (Large)

Collectible Kermit the Frog logo bandana

Kermit The Frog coffee mug

Kermit The Frog plush keychain

The Muppets bandages

The Rat Pack

Plush Rizzo the Rat, autographed by Steve Whitmire

RARE vintage The Muppets playing cards

”Kermit Un-Pigged” CD

Rizzo the Rat T-shirt (Large)

”Muppet Manners” book

6 pk. collectors cards includes Kermit the Frog and Rizzo the Rat

25th Anniversary of The Muppet Show Set

25th anniversary of The Muppet Show baseball hat, autographed by Steve Whitmire

25th anniversary of The Muppet Show T-shirt (X-Large)

25th anniversary of The Muppet Show watch

25th anniversary of The Muppet Show pin

25th anniversary of The Muppet Show collectors box

3 pc. set of plush The Muppet Show Bookmarks featuring Beaker, Animal, and The Swedish Chef

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy figurines

8 pc. set of vintage wall decor stars

Vintage The Muppets sticker set

Kermit’s Beach Bag

Kermit the Frog plastic beach tote, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Kermit the Frog beach mat

”Muppet Beach Party” CD

Vintage tie-dyed Kermit the Frog T-shirt (Large)

Kermit the Frog T-shirt (X-Large)

”Animal's Wipeout” 7” vinyl (1993)

Kermit the Frog curly straw

2 vintage Happy Meal® watches from The Great Muppet Caperand The Muppet Movie

Blue Kermit the Frog bandanna

Muppet Beach Party PR packet

Vintage ”The Whale Tale” book (1981) 

The Muppet Christmas Carol Collector's Set

The Muppet Christmas Carol fleece (X-Large)

The Muppet Christmas Carol T-shirt (Large)

The Muppet Christmas Carol movie poster

The Muppet Christmas Carol DVD

Kermit holiday gift tag from Jim Henson Productions™

Kermit the Frog holiday ornament

Kermit the Frog stamp 8x10 print, autographed by
Steve Whitmire 

A Greener World

”Go Green” sports jacket, autographed by Steve Whitmire (Large)

Plush Kermit the Frog

RARE collectors tribute Kermit the Frog peace ceramic plate

Dive In logo T-shirt (X-Large)

”For Every Child, a Better World” book (1993)

”Before You Leap” PR packet

Nicole Miller™ World Tour Bag

Nicole Miller silk travel duffel bag

Nicole Miller silk jacket (Medium)

Kermit the Frog Chicagoland Speedway T-shirt (X-Large)

Kermit the Frog Georgia T-shirt (X-Large)

Vintage Kermit the Frog Canada T-shirt (Small)

”I Survived The Earthquake” shirt (Large)

”Kermit The Frog on Tour” Texas ladies’ long sleeve shirt, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Vintage “No Pigs Allowed” wall poster

40th Anniversary Variety Magazine featuring The Muppets

Vintage The Muppets silk scarf

Muppets from Space Collector's Set

RARE plush Gonzo in space suit

3pc. vintage Muppets from Space jelly jar set

Muppets from Space hat, autographed by Steve Whitmire

”The Making of Muppets in Space” book

RARE original Hensonville News Observer movie prop

“Gonzo's Book of Out-of-This-World Puzzles”

Happy Meal® toy Muppets from Space Kermit the Frog keychain, mint condition

Muppets from Space “Steve Whitmire” holiday ornament 

Kermit Americana

Kermit the Frog American flag T-shirt (Large)

Kermit the Frog collectors coffee mug, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Go Green!!

"Go Green" Michigan State University T-shirt (Large)

Kermit the Frog sweatshirt (Large)

"Go Green" Michigan State University baseball hat, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Plush Muppet University Kermit the Frog 

Sweet Dreams Pack

Sing & Snore Ernie, autographed by Steve Whitmire (1996)

Sing & Snore Ernie sleep sweatshirt (X-Large)

Ladies’ Ernie sleep socks

Sesame Street “Dreamytime Songs” CD

Ernie electronic sound book

Pocket Ernie doll 

Halloween Ernie
Ernie child’s Halloween costume,mint condition, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Halloween Kermit the Frog plush

Muppet Monsters Adventure
Playstation® game

 Fraggle Rock® Bedtime Story Set
2 Vintage 4T Fraggle Rock girl’s night gowns, mint condition”The Radish Day Jubilee” book (1983)
”Red and The Pumpkins” book (1984)
”Marooned in Fraggle Rock” book (1984)
”They Call Me Boober Fraggle” book (1984)

”Wembley Fraggle Gets the Story” book (1984)

I Love Sprocket
Plush Sprocket dog

Sprocket vintage T-shirt (Small), autographed by Steve Whitmire
(marks on shirt)

Fraggle Rock sticker

Wembley Fraggle plush keychain 

Dinosaurs Toy Collector's Set

Baby Sinclair figurine, mint condition

Charlene Sinclair figurine, mint condition

Robbie Sinclair figurine, mint condition

Earl Sinclair figurine, mint condition

Fran Sinclair figurine, mint condition

B.P. Richfield figurine, mint condition

”Next Big Thing” T-shirt (X-Large)

Dinosaurs PR postcard

Dinosaurs photo, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Original The Muppet Movie Collector's Set 

The Muppet Movie (1979) hat as seen tossed by Steve Whitmire, 
signed with special story written inside the brim.

Original The Muppet Movie T-shirt (Small), mint condition

The Muppet Movie soundtrack CD

6 pc. vintage figurine set

Press photo (reproduction) signed by Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog (1980)

The Muppet Movie collectors book 

Original The Great Muppet CaperEvening Gowns

Two original, vintage, and one of a kind dresses as seen during the fashion show portion of the The Great Muppet Caper movie worn by the character Marla. One is a black evening dress with tulle scarf. The other is a pewter colored satin princess style gown. Since these were costumes, they have no sizing but is running around a 4-6 or small. The dresses were purchased during a sample sale after filming in 1981 by Melissa Whitmire.

”The Great Muppet Caper” story book, autographed by Steve Whitmire

Be sure to check out all the great stuff here.

This wave ends Friday, June 19 at 3PM EST so act quick!

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