Friday, January 22, 2016

Labyrinth Honest Trailer and the Original Version of Chilly Down!

In tribute to David Bowie, Honest Trailers released their take on Labyrinth. It's as hilarious as you'd expect, and also surprisingly heartfelt. 

As another tribute to Bowie, someone who worked on Labyrinth posted the original recording of David Bowie singing "Chilly Down" accompanied with behind the scenes photos of the recoding session!

According to the description:
"The song 'Chilly Down' from Labyrinth was originally called 'The Wild Things' but because of a copyright issue with the name, the characters were renamed 'The Fireys' and the song renamed 'Chilly Down'."

Here's another behind the scenes photo of Kevin Clash and Mike Quinn, who puppeteered many of the feet and legs in the sequence.

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