Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Muppets Minimates - Gonzo & Swedish Chef!

Diamond Select Toys began releasing their line of Muppets Minimates last month and most could be found at Toys R Us - either online or  in their stores. 2 figures however were absent from both the back packaging and on shelves - Gonzo and The Swedish Chef!

These two figures are comic and specialty store exclusives and, if you can find them, many stores have been marking them up as part of their exclusivity. 

We found one online retail outlet, that while priced higher than Toys R Us, are only by $1 for the regular version, and $2 for the damaged variant. 

That online retailer is Luke's Toy Store. The cost of shipping was reasonable as well and made each set average around $11.

Click the links to order the regular version or damaged variant

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