Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Look at Diamond Select Muppet Figures!

Diamond Select posted this image of their upcoming Muppet action figure and it immediately stirred a controversy among fans. 

First off, let me say that I know one of the people working on these figures. He's a true fan that also worked on the Palisades line and is doing amazing things to get each character's look perfected.

The Pros: 
  • Fozzie and Gonzo: What more could you ask for. They look perfect. 

The Cons:
  • Kermit: His pupils just need to be slightly smaller so they don't look like blobs.
  • Bean: First, so great to have him included since he wasn't in the Palisades line, and he looks great. He just needs to be a little bit bigger. 
  • Robin: Again looks great, but he shouldn't be bigger then Bean.
  • Camilla: Again she looks great, but may be too big, especially when it some to the size comparisons between Bean and Robin.
  • Scooter: I'm not sure what happened here as the original mold was spot on. His nose is too long and it's made worse that his glasses are too far back.

Below are the production images Diamond had previously released for comparison. 

These figures are so well done, that even the cons are easily fixed and we hear that many of these concerns are already being addressed.

That said, after each figure is put through a lengthy back and forth approval process, they still go through other procedures that are sometimes out of the designer's control. 

There are many figures planned in the line and we hope it's successful enough that we see all of them get made. 

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