Monday, June 27, 2016

Labyrinth's 30th Anniversary!

30 years ago today, the world first entered the word of Labyrinth. I remember exactly where I saw it (it's now a Walgreens - natch) and it was the 2nd, possibly third (Follow that Bird, and Muppets Take Manhattan being other two) Henson film I had the pleasure of seeing in a theater!

In celebration of today's anniversary, River Horse has unveiled a sneak peak at the final lineup of Goblins in the expansion pack (sold separately) to their upcoming Labyrinth board game!

While not an initial box office success, it's great that so many people have found the film since. 

Personally, though I loved it from the start. My birthday cake that year even featured my favorite character from the film!

Kinda hard to tell from these photos, but can you figure out who it is?

It's a Firey!!

Happy 30th Labyrinth, don't lose your headhave a 30 year old piece of cake!

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