Friday, July 29, 2016

Meet Splash and Bubbles!

PBS unveiled the new website of their new Henson produced preschool series Splash and Bubbles.

The series uses the Henson digital performance system like other Henson/PBS shows Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train.

The new "splash page" if you will, does a nice job of introducing the main characters. 


"We'll bravely go where no fish has gone before!
Splash is a fun and energetic yellowback fusilier who found a home in Reeftown after traveling the entire ocean. He loves to explore new places and meet new creatures.


“Ocean Friends Forever, we'll stick together like goo!”

Bubbles is a beautiful mandarin dragonet who loves to get dirty in the muck and the yuck. She's never afraid to face a challenge and is always up for an adventure.


“It's always an adventure, when you're hangin' with friends!”

Dunk is a pufferfish, who likes to make sand art and knows a lot about Reeftown. Being a pufferfish, he tends to puff up when he gets nervous around a new situation.


“See what one small ripple can do!”

Ripple is a soulful and sweet seahorse, who believes even the smallest thing can make a big impact. She lives with her father and 499 brothers, and loves to get away with Splash, Bubbles, and Dunk on adventures.

Splash and Bubbles will premiere on PBS November 23!

Check out the first clip of the show here!


  1. My little grand daughter loves these trailor`s

  2. My 6 month old twin boys are mesmerized by Splash and Bubbles! I wish I could buy them plush toys!

  3. when and where can I buy plush toys from the splash and bubbles movie.

    1. Merchandise is coming, but we don't have any specifics yet.

    2. I'd like to recommend making plush toys of the main characters: Splash, Bubbles, Dunk, and Ripple.