Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review: Hallmark Electric Mayhem Bus Ornament!

The Electric Mayhem Bus, this year's Hallmark Muppet ornament, is now available and we got a first hand look at the completed tree decoration.

I was hoping the inside shots of the Muppets were just temporary, but sadly, they are not and they're even worse close up. 

First off, the bus itself looks great. The paint and attention to detail on the bus itself are top notch. It's missing some elements, but for the most part its pretty close. 

The images of Floyd and Fozzie are OK, but Animal and Piggy are over used stock images. Animal's coloring doesn't even fit. He looks flat and needs shading. 

The opposite side fares better with Janice singing with a chicken and Zoot peering out the window (while playing on handed?). But that blank space and not including Rowlf or Lips? For shame. 

There are no Muppets peering out the back looking for sweet nothings? Seriously?

The front features a stock photo Kermit with another chicken(?) and he doesn't appear to be looking at anything in particular - just having a conversation with himself. Since Gonzo is NOT included on the bus, maybe Kermit's looking up for him and his balloons!

Easily the worst part of the ornament though, is the image of Dr. Teeth. It's literally a photo of the puppet that travelled around the country and is now on display in Atlanta. 

His hands are just dangling, barley holding the wheel at all. 

Take a look at the images above and then at the ornament. Hallmark kept them in the exact same pose!

For every detail on the bus itself, there a serious LACK of attention to the images of the characters and which are included. 

The ornament plays a sample from the original recoding of "Can You Picture That?" Which is fine, but we've all heard it numerous times. The Muppets recorded new versions with the current performers, so a updated version would have been nice to hear, but I understand why they used the original. 

The sculpts on past Hallmark ornaments were all pretty great and I expected more from Hallmark. Again, the bus itself has great paint and detail, but everything else about it is a disappointment. 

You can order it online or find it at your local Hallmark store.


  1. With all the muppets we could have gotten this is what we get i have ever one made and will buy this but really what about rowlf playing piano or electric mayhem on stage a Jim Henson one like the action figure so many other choices

  2. I was totally going to get this when I heard it was coming out, but... I don't want it now. I was hoping it would be more detailed. After reading your article and noticing that there's no Gonzo (but a chicken?) no way don't want it.