Monday, March 13, 2017

Garthim Now Available at Toys R Us!

Back in January, we told you that Funko's Garthim ReAction figure would be coming to Toys R US as an exclusive.

Last week people around the country began spotting them at their local TRU's!

The Garthim figure was previously released with a winged Kira as a NYCC exclusive.

Many hoped that like Funko's Landstrider convention exclusive figure, the retail Garthim figure would be the same sans the "NYCC exclusive" sticker.

Sadly, as you can see, that is not that case. 

The TRU exclusive version comes in a different box by itself and not with a winged Kira & Fizzgig. However, it's still great to have them more accessible. 

Don't have Toys R Us near you, or your local store doesn't have them?

You're in luck, they're also now available on their website!

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