Monday, March 20, 2017

Marvel Muppet Babies Omnibus!

Marvel announced that they are reprinting entire the 1985 -1989 run of the Muppet Babies comic series.
Regular Omibus Cover
Just like Marvel's Muppet Omnibus, the issues will come in a large hardcover book with both a regular cover and a limited edition variant cover (based on the original comic's issue 10 cover) by artist Marie Severin.
Limited Edition Omibus Cover
Issue #10 Cover
The Muppet Babies Comic book series was written by Stan Kay, Laura Hitchcock, Bill Prady, and Angelo Decesare, with art by Marie Severin, Jeff Butler, and Dean Yeagle.

As an extra bonus, not only will the omnibus include every 
Muppet Babies issue, it will also include Marvel's Super Special #32 - The Muppets Take Manhattan. The film that marked the Muppet babies debut!

You may recall, that back in 2014, we covered the Super Special for a Throwback Thursday!

Below this the official Omnibus synopsis 
They’re making their dreams come true — and they’ll do the same for you! It’s all your favorite Muppets, in pint-sized antics from their youth! There’ll be adventure! Romance! Great jokes! And more! Like the ghostly tale of the haunted nursery! The fable of Kermit and the Beanstalk! And the quest for the Idol of Doom! The Muppet Babies will be lost in time and lost in space, they’ll caper in Story Land and they’ll take flight as super heroes! They’ll even end up in a comic book! And your favorite fantasy-loving frog will step into the shoes of some of fiction’s greatest heroes! Plus: Relive the Muppet Babies’ first appearance in an amazing adaptation of The Muppets Take Manhattan! Collecting MUPPET BABIES #1-26 and MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL #32.
680 PGS./All Ages …$75.00

No release date or pre-order link yet, but will keep you posted!

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