Monday, March 12, 2018

Pre-order Diamond Select's Swedish Chef figure!

When last we spoke with the fine folks at Diamond Select, they told us they were working on getting the 4th wave of figures released. 

Well, today a pre-order link for the 
Swedish Chef was unveiled through Big Bad Toys!

So far it's not clear if this is an exclusive to Big Bad Toys (though if it is, I'm sure they'd announce it on their site).

UPDATE: According to Diamond Select's Zach Oak "
It should be offered at other retailers soon."

It looks like they're using the Swedish Chef to test the waters to see if there is high enough demand for the figures on a character by characters basis.
UPDATE: Oak confirmed our theory "We are trying a one-at-a-time approach. Chef first, we thought he was strongest. Encourage pre-orders."

The Swedish Chef is great figure to do this with and hopefully it will lead to the rest of the series being released. 

Head on over to Big Bad Toys and pre-order your Swedish Chef!


  1. I'm definately going to preorder. I just wish they had done Zoot and the good Dr first. My Electric Mayhem display looks sad without it.

  2. Is there anywhere in Canada to preorder? I love this line and want to support it but don't want to pay over 50 for 1 figure (with shipping and exchange rate) Thanks