Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wizard World Philly - Roundup!

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we were at the the Pennsylvania Convention Center Sunday, scouring the makeshift walkways for all the Muppet /Henson offerings to be found at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con!

While we did see a few Muppet Hot Wheels, vintage Dinosaurs action figures, and a few beat up plush, the majority of  Muppet items that caught my eye were t-shirts. Below is a sampling of the items that caught my eye.

A Gonzo face shirt, they also had a similar one of Kermit - on green- of course.

 Two different Muppet labs shirts!

Two different Electric Mayhem shirts. Only one featuring Dr. Teeth though.

A rather impressive selection of Labyrinth shirts...

including this one for the 25th Anniversary:

One vendor had the limited edition "The Muppets Tour Globe" print for $40. which is exactly the same price as on Acme Archives, but without having to pay for shipping. 

Well put a "lid" on our coverage of Wizard World in a minute, but first check out these these New Era hats. The top ones seems to be a new design, with Kermit's head blending into the hat. The bottom one, while available for awhile now, gets me every time. It evokes the finale of The Great Muppet Caper so muchthat it might as well have logo on it!

But by far the most impressive item I found, shirt or otherwise was this shirt featuring Animal and the Swedish Chef in a"on night only" talent show poster. What made me do a triple take and like it so much?

Take a closer look at the top of the shirt...

Notice anything amazing about those two logos?  In an age when Disney apparently has to get permission to use Jim Henson's name on anything to the point where they credited "The Muppet Show Theme" on the Muppets Most Wanted Soundtrack to "James Henson", not only is his name used, but so is the entire Jim Henson Company logo! And on an officially licensed, post 2011, item no less! I'm not sure how they got away with that, but it's amazing!

Be on the lookout for these and other items when a Wizard World or another comic con comes to a town near you. 

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